Hair and Beauty

Hair & Beauty Salons

Hair & beauty is all about appearance so let your displays reflect that, with the huge portfolio of beautiful images available to the salons through their suppliers you really can create a ‘WOW’ look and our display range can enhance that bringing out the best in photography. Bespoke and challenging ideas can help set your display apart from the competition and form a centre piece to your retail space if carefully considered and designed to work within its own individual space. In addition to such as the illuminated cable display pockets to showcase printed posters we also offer the non-illuminated versions and a range of shelfs, cubes and posts to promote products you may sell from within the salon. Window merchandise, interior floor space or create feature walls with some of our other associated items such as printed wallpaper, graphic application or printed posters & panels. Digital media players are becoming more popular in the retail sector and can take your display to the next level to showcase your images to even better effect. We also offer shop front signage, pavement boards & projection signs in addition to our displays and can provide vehicle graphics, stationery / flyers & gift packs. Plus flags & banners.

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