Illuminated Displays

LED Illuminated Displays

Our LED light pockets are generally available from our stock in a range of standard showcard sizes, A5 / A4 / A3 / A2 / A1 including our multi pocket range, these high quality LED products provide a simple & stylish way to display properties, showcards & posters.

Why not add a printed border to create your own unique look or have us manufacture something bespoke? As a manufacturer and not just a wholesaler you are guaranteed the best price for a premium product with the option to have something different created if you desire.

  • Rimless LED Light Pocket
  • Rim-Halo LED Display Pocket
  • Multi LED Display Pocket
  • Coloured Surround LED Pocket

Our unique design allows the pockets to be used in either portrait or landscape orientation without need for a bulky clip to hold them in place on the sets of cables, our through acrylic push pin fitting firmly secures pocket in place yet allows user to quickly adjust the height without need for specialist tools.

We can provide designs, layouts and options depending on your available space and capacity desires. The floor to ceiling cable kits are supplied in satin chrome finish as standard (other finishes may be available upon request / quantity) often used in window displays, the window merchandise provides the perfect place to create impact to passing footfall. However the floor to ceiling cable system is also ideal for wall displays and poster display and supports a range of shelfs, cubes and other retail acrylic point of purchase requirements.

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