Rod Display Systems

Rod Display Systems

Ideal for retail display systems, the rods are available in 3mm, 6mm or 12mm diameter this helps support a greater weight for such as shelf display systems, wall mounted ‘hook on’ display systems or just from simple wear and tear if the display is located in a heavy footfall location such as an entrance/reception, bank/building society areas.

The estate agency wall display is commonly the hook on rod system which clearly show cases the property displays and is adaptable that an agent can swap pocket sizes, and/or add more display at a later date without the need to replace the full wall display.

The travel agents often use our rod mount sloped shelf system to support holiday brochures, clean and simply within each branch and many retailers use the rods in conjunction with our acrylic cube system as it offers a larger weight bearing than its cable system realtion.

Our stylish sign locators can be used to support such as acrylic logo panels, pictures and prints with both style and practical application these are available in a number of different sizes to suit your image and location.

We can provide designs, layouts and options depending on your available space and capacity desires. The rods and clips are usually supplied in satin chrome finish as standard (other finishes may be available upon request / quantity) often used in retail environments and visitor centres or as part of a wall display.

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